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    • £900.23
      Weight (grams): 20 Pure gold content (grams): 20 Fineness: 999.9 Dimensions: 39mm x 22mm x 1.3mm Brand new 20 gram gold bar from leading refiner Umicore. Umicore bars are now supplied as numbered bars in credit card size packaging, surrounded by a certificate. The bar itself is 999.9 fineness (24-carat) and weighs exactly 20 grams.
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    • £4,301.12
      Weight (grams): 100 Pure gold content (grams): 100 Fineness: 999.9 Dimensions: 55mm x 31mm x 3.2mm Brand New Certificated 100 gram fine gold bullion bar, supplied by LBMA-approved refiner Umicore. The 100 gram is the main bar size for larger investors - it is quite sizable in terms of value, so multiples of this size bars offer flexibility over larger single bars when your time to sell arrives. Low premium, very discreet and convenient unit for resale - worth exactly the same as any other 100 gram LBMA-approved bar at that point. The price will include fully insured next day UK delivery.
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    • £10,734.40
      Weight (grams): 250 Pure gold content (grams): 250 Fineness: 999.9 Dimensions: Top: 55mm x 25mm. Bottom: 50mm x 22mm. Thickness: 10mm. A 24-carat cast 250 gram gold bar supplied by LBMA approved refiners Umicore. The gold bar comes complete with a uniquely numbered Certificate from the manufacturer.
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    • £21,260.37
      Weight (grams): 500 Pure gold content (grams): 500 Fineness: 999.9 Dimensions: top: 65mm x 35mm. Bottom 57mm x 28mm. Thickness: x 14mm. A 500 gram Gold bar, supplied by Umicore. This bar contains one half kilo of 24-carat (999.9 fineness) fine gold. The Gold bar is uniquely numbered and certificated.
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    • £42,479.06
      Weight (grams): 1000 Pure gold content (grams): 1000 Fineness: 999.9 Dimensions: Top: 90mm x 40mm. Bottom: 81mm x 31mm. Thickness: 17mm Buy gold one kilogram pure gold bullion bar complete with Assay Certificate. The LBMA approved Umicore 1 kilo gold bar has a purity of 99.99% and is therefore 24 carats. GOLD PRICE INCLUDES FULLY INSURED DELIVERY Umicore are a Belgian company. Based in Brussels, the company has been operating since 1991 - and changed its name to Umicore in 2001 when it moved from a primary focus of mining to a specialist focus on refining and recycling precious metals using cutting edge technologies.