How to avoid capital gains tax

When investing in gold or silver which products should I buy to avoid capital gains?

With the vast majority of investors they will never have to pay capital gains tax.
Due to the size of their investment but when we start looking at larger investments then there are a few things to bear in mind.

Capital Gains Exempt

These are gold brittanias, silver brittanias and by far the most popular gold sovereigns of any year.
With these coins you can make unlimited profit and never have to pay any capital gains tax.
If you bout £10,000 worth and they shot up in value to £100,000 for example you would not have to pay a penny in tax on your £90,000 profit.

Capital gains on bullion

This is the part to note, Capital gains is payable on profit over £11,300.
So if you bought some gold for £30,000 and sold it that year for £41,200 then you would not have to pay any capital gains as your profit remained under the £11,300 threshold.
So this is why investors stager the sales of their metal to stay under this threshold as you can sell and make your £11,300 profit each financial year and not pay any capital gains.

Please bear in mind these taxes are reviewed every year so please take financial advise and do your own research.